Thursday, April 15, 2010

Create Experience For Your Fans

Welcome to the Experience economy.

"It’s a shift in focus from the commodity product to the customer experience. Once you’ve moved the lens, you can start seeing ways to create a particular customer experience." -Martin E. Thoma

The 2nd San Diego Future of Music Meet-up will focus on how to create great experiences around music.

"We believe that "paying for the experience" will be the prime paradigm behind the pricing of music going forward--a complete turnaround from the fixed value paradigms of "mechanical productions" and CD prices." -The Future of Music

In other words, Start thinking about your music as an experience, and less as a product. Connect with your fans and build memorable experiences that will bring everyone back for more.

The equation is: CwF+RtB=$$
(Connect with Fans + Reason to Buy=Revenue)

Special guest Jon Block will take questions from the audience Monday night April 26th, from 7-9pm. Jon is a director of The San Diego Music Foundation. Through his company, Walk the Walk Presents, Jon produces San Diego's famous Sight and Sound events. Don't miss this chance to network and get great information about the local music scene.

Together, we're building a commons for creativity here in San Diego. It's the future of music...happening now.

See you there!
Jason Brock

Walk The Walk Presents
San Diego Music Foundation
Cafe Libertalia
ArtisTech Media

CtF +Rtb=$$$
The experience economy

Next Month's meet-up: Special guest Cathryn Beeks of KPRI Homegrown Hour and ListenLocalSD talks about "creating a local music scene."