Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SD Future of Music 1st ever LIVE EVENT!

Thanks to Dave Rodgers founder of sdliveent.com, The Future of Music San Diego is presenting our 1st live event featuring performances by Circa Now, Emily Richards, EsJay and Todo Mundo. The night will take place at the Onyx Room, in the Gaslamp District on June 30th--two days after the Cafe Libertalia meet-up. Artists will provide sample packs to ccMixter.org for worldwide remixing. This show is not to be missed.

Artist webpages:
Circa Now
Emily Richards
Todo Mundo

Sponsor and Production webpages:
SD Live Ent.
ArtisTech Media
Onyx Room

Monday, June 14, 2010

June 28th Meet-Up: Creating the Local Scene

Cathryn Beeks of Listen Local SD will join us Monday June 28th at Cafe Libertalia for a conversation about creating the local music scene. In the future of music, artists and music businesses that work together will define how people find and enjoy new music. Join us for a discussion in how to build the new music economy here in San Diego.

For an interesting take on the subject read this online article from the Music Think Tank: http://bit.ly/9Qfd83

See you there!


*Cathryn Beeks is well known as the host for KPRI's Homegrown Hour, a show dedicated to San Diego's up and coming musicians.


KPRI's Homegrown Hour

Listen Local SD

Cafe Libertalia

ArtisTech Media