Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Last Meet-up of 2010

We've had a great first year for San Diego Future of Music, and at this year's last meet-up we'll review the year and outline what we expect to see in 2011.

Date: Monday night, November 22nd, 7pm

Location: Cafe Libertalia, 3834 5th Ave. Hillcrest

Check back here for more details as they get added.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spotlight on SoundCloud Follow-up

The meet-up last night at Cafe Libertalia was a good time. Thanks to Soundcloud for sending us some T-shirts and stickers, and to David Noel who recorded a video introduction for us to watch. I'm editing the podcast of our conversation with some tracks of SoundCloud artists that Raphael and Miquel suggested, and some tracks from the recent Freedom To Share ccMixter.org event. I'll post the link here when I'm done.

Check out David's video in the interim:

Monday, August 23, 2010

Live at the House of Blues

I'm proud to announce the line up for next week's show. Hosted by Cathryn Beeks, the show is yet another example of how collaboration is making San Diego the future of music. Please join us for this free all ages show and know that if you need a ride home, one will be provided for you safely and professionally in your own car! Come have some fun in the VooDoo Lounge!

Artist Song Downloads:
Fire of Lonely-Emily Richards
Earthquake-Lee Coulter

Directions to the HOB

Safe Rides Home by:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

July's SDFOM Podcast: Get a Slice of Webceleb.com

Where else do you get rewarded like this--discover new music, buy it and get a revenue 'slice' of your favorite tracks. Webceleb co-founder Scott Fetters talks about artist fan relationships with the movers and the shakers of San Diego's indie music scene. Music featured includes flujo, Sandollar, Snowflake, The Sun Doctors, and Archery for the Blind.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Art Rocks Radio Show

Last week I filled in at the last minute for ArtisTech CEO Emily Richards and got the opportunity to record a great on-air conversation with Cynthia Gaddes and Philly Joe Swendoza about the San Diego art scene. The consensus in the green room prior to the show was San Diego's scene is maturing, and collaboration is the key. So get out there and make art!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

August: Soundcloud in the Spotlight

I recently had a great skype chat with Soundcloud representative Nils Westerlund regarding Creative Commons licensed music, and how we might work together in this excited new world where music and technology are creating a new culture and sound. Between Soundcloud, ArtisTech Media and collaborative remix site ccMixter.org, there are many great avenues to take. The brainstorming session got the creative juices flowing! But where to start?

We decided that coordinating a meet-up would be the easiest and best step forward. So August 30th at 7pm The San Diego Future of Music invites all Soundcloud members to join in the discussion. How is Soundcloud changing the way we listen and distribute music online? How can we all work together in this new music world?

Start the conversation with a comment on this blog post. Are you a Soundcloud member? What are your experiences?

And Join us August 30th! It's free--Cafe Libertalia is a great coffee bar with treats--and some of San Diego's most influential will be in the room.

See you there,

Relevant links:

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Music Business Radio--Copyright Issues Podcast

Listen to Michael Harrington give great insight into today's music culture, how it's flourishing, and how it's being criminalized.

Music Business Radio: http://bit.ly/bp0aSn

Rock On!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Live at the Ruby Room July 28th

We're set to have a great night at the Ruby Room July 28th! This is the Second in a series of live events produced in conjunction with the meet-ups we have every month at Cafe Libertalia.

This month, I'm proud to announce that Jack Daniels, through their support of AWAKE Community and ArtisTech Media, made it possible for us to offer a ride home solution for anyone attending the event this Wednesday night.

Safe Ride Solutions is a San Diego based company that will provide drivers to take event attendees home in their own cars if they need a safe ride--no hassels. It's discreet and reliable. It's an important role for Safe Ride Solutions to play and I am grateful for this support.

Show starts at 8pm--so get there early--added to the bill are The Sun Doctors who will open the night. Then Inhale and Sandollar--with Todo Mundo to close! Red, yellow and Green are the colors of choice.

Thanks to the Ruby Room for hosting the event, Dave Rodger booking the talent, Cynthia Gaddes for organizing the catering, Scott Fetters for speaking at the meet-up, and of course thanks to all the musicians that are helping to make San Diego the future of music!

See you at the show!

Sponsor links:

Band links:

Listen and/or download mp3's (right click, save as):
Inhale-Beach Dayz
Todo Mundo-(Remix of Meditacion el Paso) by EmSu_HaJa

Monday, July 19, 2010

SD Future of Music Podcast: June 2010

Creating Local Scenes (right click to download)

Listen to the conversation we had during June's SD Future of Music meet-up. Cathryn Beeks joins us for a talk about her involvement in the local scene, the importance of inclusion, the importance of live shows and more.
Music features songs from her album Mood Swing, Todo Mundo's remix, and ccMixter artist Lasswell.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 26th meet-up with Scott Fetters

Please join us as we discuss how rewarding fans builds communities around music with Webceleb.com founder Scott Fetters. Webceleb is a social marketplace for independent music, where artists and fans make money together. Don't miss this chance to network with local artists and promoters.

Article of interest: Why You Should Pay For Music


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SD Future of Music 1st ever LIVE EVENT!

Thanks to Dave Rodgers founder of sdliveent.com, The Future of Music San Diego is presenting our 1st live event featuring performances by Circa Now, Emily Richards, EsJay and Todo Mundo. The night will take place at the Onyx Room, in the Gaslamp District on June 30th--two days after the Cafe Libertalia meet-up. Artists will provide sample packs to ccMixter.org for worldwide remixing. This show is not to be missed.

Artist webpages:
Circa Now
Emily Richards
Todo Mundo

Sponsor and Production webpages:
SD Live Ent.
ArtisTech Media
Onyx Room

Monday, June 14, 2010

June 28th Meet-Up: Creating the Local Scene

Cathryn Beeks of Listen Local SD will join us Monday June 28th at Cafe Libertalia for a conversation about creating the local music scene. In the future of music, artists and music businesses that work together will define how people find and enjoy new music. Join us for a discussion in how to build the new music economy here in San Diego.

For an interesting take on the subject read this online article from the Music Think Tank: http://bit.ly/9Qfd83

See you there!


*Cathryn Beeks is well known as the host for KPRI's Homegrown Hour, a show dedicated to San Diego's up and coming musicians.


KPRI's Homegrown Hour

Listen Local SD

Cafe Libertalia

ArtisTech Media

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

SD Future of Music Podcast: April 2010

Creating Experiences (right click to download)

Listen to the conversation we had during April's SD Future of Music meet-up. Jon Block co-producer of Sight and Sound joins us for a talks about creating experiences for fans, the long tail effect, the importance of live shows and more.
Music features songs from The Republic of Letters' new CD release "Painted Hour."

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dave Allen Talks with CD Baby

1000 fans, be brilliant and create experiences for your fans...Dave Allen discusses with CD Baby. Check it out.

See you at Queen Bee's for Sight and Sound this Saturday night!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Create Experience For Your Fans

Welcome to the Experience economy.

"It’s a shift in focus from the commodity product to the customer experience. Once you’ve moved the lens, you can start seeing ways to create a particular customer experience." -Martin E. Thoma

The 2nd San Diego Future of Music Meet-up will focus on how to create great experiences around music.

"We believe that "paying for the experience" will be the prime paradigm behind the pricing of music going forward--a complete turnaround from the fixed value paradigms of "mechanical productions" and CD prices." -The Future of Music

In other words, Start thinking about your music as an experience, and less as a product. Connect with your fans and build memorable experiences that will bring everyone back for more.

The equation is: CwF+RtB=$$
(Connect with Fans + Reason to Buy=Revenue)

Special guest Jon Block will take questions from the audience Monday night April 26th, from 7-9pm. Jon is a director of The San Diego Music Foundation. Through his company, Walk the Walk Presents, Jon produces San Diego's famous Sight and Sound events. Don't miss this chance to network and get great information about the local music scene.

Together, we're building a commons for creativity here in San Diego. It's the future of music...happening now.

See you there!
Jason Brock

Walk The Walk Presents
San Diego Music Foundation
Cafe Libertalia
ArtisTech Media

CtF +Rtb=$$$
The experience economy

Next Month's meet-up: Special guest Cathryn Beeks of KPRI Homegrown Hour and ListenLocalSD talks about "creating a local music scene."

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Ever San Diego Future of Music Meet-up

San Diego Musicians:

Have you read the Future of Music? The Long Tail? Love is the Killer App?

Yes or no...either way...Please join other local artists Tuesday March 23rd at 7pm for a open forum discussion about the impact of netAudio, creative commons licensing, and collaborative remixing on the local San Diego music scene. The meet-up will be moderated by yours truly. My name is Jason Brock and I'm the Director of Artist Development for ArtisTech Media, San Diego's next generation record label.

We will meet at Cafe Libertalia in Hillcrest. For directions go to http://www.cafelibertalia.com/

See you There!

ArtisTech Media