Thursday, August 12, 2010

August: Soundcloud in the Spotlight

I recently had a great skype chat with Soundcloud representative Nils Westerlund regarding Creative Commons licensed music, and how we might work together in this excited new world where music and technology are creating a new culture and sound. Between Soundcloud, ArtisTech Media and collaborative remix site, there are many great avenues to take. The brainstorming session got the creative juices flowing! But where to start?

We decided that coordinating a meet-up would be the easiest and best step forward. So August 30th at 7pm The San Diego Future of Music invites all Soundcloud members to join in the discussion. How is Soundcloud changing the way we listen and distribute music online? How can we all work together in this new music world?

Start the conversation with a comment on this blog post. Are you a Soundcloud member? What are your experiences?

And Join us August 30th! It's free--Cafe Libertalia is a great coffee bar with treats--and some of San Diego's most influential will be in the room.

See you there,

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